Our Story

After 20 years of producing Cashmere into the world, we knew it was time to bring our trade secrets to the product and create something that skin has yet to feel. We work hand-in-hand alongside our herders to hand-craft our products from harvest to shipping, supervising every step of the way. Our goats roam the lands of Inner Mongolia, under the diligent care of our erudite herders, providing the precise climate extremes that produce the world’s finest cashmere fibers to ever exist. This promises perfectly sourced cashmere; the only way to begin to attain the softness we wish to realize. We then divert our energies towards processing the fibers by hand, guaranteeing a meticulously produced product made with diligence and expertise. All the while, creating designs that can’t be challenged and taking our statements a step beyond mediocre fashion, making you the last piece of our design. We create the garment, perfectly, so you can create the perfect statement. Not all cashmere is equal, some are beyond.
Beyond Comfort, Beyond Style… Beyond Fashion.


Our Passion
One touch and you’re in love. The softest fabric on the planet has stolen our heart just as it will yours! Our goats are happy and healthy in the hands of experienced shepherds who have learned all the needs and care of these adorable creatures over generations of knowledge. Straight from our hands to yours, no middle men means no extra costs! Just you and your cashmere.


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